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    • 信息來源:   瀏覽次數:0    發表時間:2018-11-06
    • There any many haze meter manufacturers. How to choose a suitable haze meter? Today we will introduce a haze meter who can provide high accuracy for transmittance measurement. Haze meter CS-700 made by CHNSpec support both ASTM and ISO measurement standard.

      ISO compensation method can provide higher accuracy transmittance value. We will introduce it now.

      The above picture is not using the compensation method to measure transmittance,
      because the integral sphere's area is different which causes the integral sphere efficiency to be not high, thus has the certain influence to the measurement result accuracy.

      The above picture is using the compensation method to measure the transmission. A compensating port is added to the integral sphere, for the first measurement, sample is placed at the compensation port, for the second measurement, sample is placed at the measuring port, while the compensation port is open, the integral sphere area of the two measuring process is identical, the integral sphere is consistent, so that the measurement result is more accurate.

      Haze meter made by CHNSpec Tech support haze and transmittance measurement in both standard to meet different customer requirement. Any interest, welcome to contact us.
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