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    • CHNSpec plans to launch CS-600

    • 信息來源:   瀏覽次數:0    發表時間:2020-01-14
    • CHNSpec plans to launch CS-600 portable spectrocolorimeter. CS-600 is a high quality, affordable color measurement instrument. CS-600 combines various technological characteristics; it has high performance to price ratio, and its affordability meets the pressing demand of small to medium sized companies on high end instruments.

      CS-600 has the following notable features:
      Wide application fields: can be used in factories, laboratories or on spot, it can ensure the best color measuring quality in the quality control of almost all application fields.
      Portable color measuring instrument: Light and easy to carry; it uses high capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, and it has compatible DC adapter.
      Design based on human engineering: the instrument is easy to use, and its appearance is fashionable;
      Dual measurement modes: can measure in both SCI (Specular Component Included) and SCE (Specular Component Excluded) conditions at the same time;
      Powerful instrument software: contains all necessary color formulas and standard light sources for different tasks, and a large number of specific industry and application standards;
      Chinese and English languages: user interface supports both Chinese and English languages, and CHNSpec can design the interface in other languages based on the needs of the customers.

      For more information on CS-600, please visit its product page,
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