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    • Portable Spectrophotometer


          ● Spectrophotometer in China 
          ● Obtained China Metrology Accreditation Certificate
          ● Large TFT display screen
          ● Uses LED light source,has long servise-life
          ● Energy saving design,high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery
          ● Can measure both SCI(specular included) and SCE(specular excluded)  at the same time
        Spectrophotometers CS-610A/610B

        High performance-price ratio among similar international products
        ●   As China's spectrophotometer,CS-600 integrates multiple innovative technical characteristic ,
             and extends the boundary of on-site color quality control during production

        ●   It can be appplied to laboratories,factories and on-site operations,and can achieve the best color management across all application fields quality control;
        ●   Allows quick comparision between two color sample,and shows clear results in numbers or in graphs.
        ●   Allows medium and small companies to obtain high performance color management system with relatively low price;
        ●   The software contains all necessary color equations,standard light sources,and a large number of standards for specific industries and applications;
        ●   Operation system supports both English and Chinese interfaces, and we offer to design the interface in other languages based on the need of our customers.
        Professional design, powerful instrument functions

        ●   Professional horizontal design, and it does not have any moving parts,which avoids the shaking of the instrument
             during measurement process.This makes the measurement more accurate;
        ●   PC software for easy measurement data management;
        ●   Different measurement cailber for CS-610A and CS-610B. Testing ports for the two intruments are to the left.
        ●   Can measure both SCI and SCE at the same time.
        ●   Large data storage space:can store up to 100 sets of standard samples,with up to 200 measurement records for each standard sample.


        Spectrophotometers CS-610A/610B

        ●  Spectrophotometer in China  ●  Obtained China Metrology Accreditation Certificate ●  Large TFT display screen
        ●  Modern and fashionable design based on human engineering
        ●  Easy to use operation modes and compact operation interface
        ●  Lage data storage space
        ●  Uses LED light source; has long servise-life 
        ●  Energy saving design, high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery
        ●  Can measure both SCI (specular included) and SCE (specular excluded) at the same time 
        ●  Includes PC software to manage data 
        ●  Can connect to mini-printers for printing